Smart Drug Basics: Nootropics For Newbies

19. June 2016

smart drug basics


In simple terms, a nootropic is essentially a mind enhancing supplement you can take to boost mental performance, which specifically includes increasing focus, energy, pro-social behavior, and mood. Nootropics can also lower anxiety and inattention.

Similar to how you take a dietary supplement for muscle mass growth, you take nootropics to enhance your brain.

Nootropics are dietary supplements that ultimately keep your brain sharp and healthy. You will find various types of Nootropics used today and we will touch on their track record, which ones to obtain, how to combine them  with each other for synergistic benefits, and who is most likely to benefit the most from using them.

The Origin Of Nootropics

We will begin with where the concept of Nootropics originated from:; Nootropics as a term was coined in 1972, by Dr. Conelius E. Girugea.

He took two Greek phrases nous and trepin which imply mind and bending respectfully, collectively each of those phrases imply: Change the mind's shape. Nootropics don't physically change the shape of your brain, but Dr. Girugea was on the right track in that Nootropics do enhance the mind.

He also established a list of recommended substances that should become labeled as nootropics. This was his criteria: they should maximize cognition and shield the brain from oxidative harm.

This is really all you need to know about the history behind nootropics. Let's focus on something more fun: How they can help you.

How Nootropics Function & Enhance The Human Brain

Nootropics are complex: different nootropics function differently.

For instance, Lions Mane Mushroom, acknowledged to increase brain-derived neurotrophic element, is a protein present in the brain and spinal twine that encourages the survival of nerve cells (neurons) by collaborating in a occupation throughout the routine maintenance from the cells.

In normal human language, this is a good thing. It help strengthen your neurons that are responsible for learning, memory formation, and mood.

All natural nootropics should be looked at as nutritional supplements. They don't instantly give you superhuman powers. Rather, they create powerful short-term benefits such an increase in focus and energy.

They also prevent the breakdown for key neurotransmitters which leads to increased long-term brain health. Compared to harsh prescription drugs, Nootropics have a more subtle effect on the brain and are considered much safer.

It is very important to monitor how you respond to different nootropics, since many of them can have different effects and functions.. It's crucial on your own to stay with a stack every day and also to log any results of that specific stack.

This can help you decide what is working, what isn't working, and which nootropic combinations are best for you.

Everyone's brain is different. You should keep track of stuff like your mood, relaxation, memory skills and other brain functions when you use nootropics. Depending on factors like your age, gender, occupation, demographic information etc. you will likely respond differently to different nootropics than other people might.

It is good practice to try combinations rather than just one specific ingredient. This leads us to...

Nootropic Stacks & Combinations

Numerous nootropic users like to stack these brain-enhancing dietary supplements collectively for a synergistic effect. In fact, stacking is done at least once by over 90% of Nootropic users.

For instance, caffeine and l-theanine are acknowledged as highly synergistic and is probably the most well-known nootropic stack among newbies and intermediate level users. That's because caffeine provides a steady stream of energy and mental power, whereas l-theanine works to remove the jitteriness & anxiety, leaving you much more relaxation yet still energetic.

Nootropic stacks are often MUCH more complex (and to be blunt, more effective) than caffeine and L-theanine.

Stacks can in essence be seen as homemade concoctions to enhance your brain in a much more personalised way, and you'll find websites with thousands of users  spending time discovering the perfect stack for their general wellness or for extremely specific goals.

In general, the ideal amount of ingredients in a Nootropic stack for most users is 6-9 ingredients. Any less is not optimally effective and too many ingredients dilutes the effectiveness of each individual one.

The second most widely used nootropic stack is the piracetam and choline stack which is one of the oldest and original nootropic stacks. Piracetam is documented to have an involvement in the activation of choline, which helps the mind take up oxygen and improve blood flow. (These are good things).

As choline might get depleted in the body while supplementing with piracetam, it truly is useful to health supplement with a choline source for instance: Alpha GPC. This truly is completed to avoid the headaches of choline depletion. However you may also obtain choline from food sources such as eggs, beef liver and cauliflower.

As you can already see from these three ingredients, different nootropics combine well together to drastically improve your brain function.

For those out there that think Nootropics are a scam and that the brain can't be improved by supplements in the same way that the body can: you're wrong.

Actual science shows that when it comes to physical overall performance, having an optimal brain-body connection allows us to complete both physical and mental tasks with increased precision.

Further, some nutritional dietary supplements which consist of Alpha GPC have an additional benefit of promoting human growth hormone.

Other dietary supplements that might also assist your mental and physical performance include creatine, caffeine, and oxiracetam.

Nootropics are no joke. They can have an enormous impact on both your brain and your body.

Who Benefits From Nootropics?

The truth is this: Anyone looking for a mental edge can benefit from Nootropics. Almost everyone responds well to them.

Nootropics are most frequently used by: students, athletes, professionals, entrepreneurs, entertainers, medical professionals, gamers, poker players, and scientists.

The overall rewards of nootropics are multi-faceted. They can help with memory, focus, mood, fatigue, reasoning, creativity and so much more.

However nootropics are just one piece of the puzzle. To get the most out of Nootropics, you need to also have discipline, a good diet, and avoid hard drugs (This should be a given).

Nootropics, like all dietary supplements, are there to complement your overall lifestyle and health. Nootropics are not magical miracle capsules.

With that said, Nootropics are potent short-term options for increasing focus, energy, motivation, pro-social ability, and mood for the times that you need to be at your best.

They also have numerous long-term health benefits for the human brain.

Where Can I Try Nootropics?

Important: You ABSOLUTELY need to only purchase Nootropics that...

  1. Contain ultra high quality ingredients
  2. Contain zero fillers or other junk
  3. Have been formulated to include ALL of the effective ingredients

You want a nootropic that is safe and actually works.

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